Oxidane, ONCE, water treatment, Cape Town

Safe, safer, safest.

Our vision led to the development of ONCE.
An environmentally-friendly, tasteless, odourless, soluble, non-volatile, ozone and chlorine-free dual-action water treatment powder.

Oxidane, water treatment company, ONCE, safe drinking water for all

It comprises a combination of essential macrominerals and essential trace elements that have good disinfectant, coagulation, and flocculation properties and has been formulated with the South African National Standard for Drinking Water (SANS 241) in mind. This means that any water treated with ONCE, no matter how dirty, fully complies with all Compulsory National Standards for the Quality of Potable Drinking Water.

Oxidane Cape Town for Safe Water

Before ONCE is added…

I will not drink it.

Oxidane Water Cape Town Prospectus

After ONCE was added.

100% safe and drinkable.