Oxidane, water treatment company, ONCE, safe drinking water for all

The Product

In a nutshell

Oxidane means water, nothing more and nothing less. And that is what we are about: ensuring the world, particularly people living in developing regions, has access to clean, safe and affordable drinking water – nothing more and nothing less.

Oxidane, water treatment company, ONCE, safe drinking water for all

Safe, safer, safest.

Our vision led to the development of ONCE. An environmentally friendly, tasteless, odourless, soluble, non-volatile, ozone and chlorine-free dual-action water treatment powder. It comprises a combination of essential macrominerals and essential trace elements that have good disinfectant, coagulation, and flocculation properties and has been formulated with the South African National Standard for Drinking Water (SANS 241) in mind. This means that any water treated with ONCE, no matter how dirty, fully complies with all Compulsory National Standards for the Quality of Potable Drinking Water.

Trumping chlorine.

To prove that ONCE does what we claim it does, we asked the Centre for Science and Industrial Research (CSIR) to submit a series of samples of raw contaminated water to a laboratory approved by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS). The first half of the samples were treated with ONCE and the other was treated with chloramines. This chemical compound containing chlorine and ammonia remains the most widely used drinking water purification intervention to date, amongst other things due to availability and affordability.

The tests unanimously highlighted ONCE as the winner. Within ten minutes of administrating the powder to the water samples, harmful bacteria, viruses and protozoa were down by 99.9%. Chloramines required over an hour, sometimes longer, to achieve the same results [insert a link to the microbiological study results].

This comes over and above the absence of a disagreeable smell and taste associated with chloramine-treated water.

Oxidane Water Cape Town Prospectus

100% effective and affordable.

Besides being more effective than chloramines, ONCE is incredibly cost-effective. Our factory can manufacture sachets for less than [undisclosed] each. As one single sachet can treat 20 litres of water, it means that with [undisclosed], you can purify 400 litres. That is sufficient to provide 50 days’ worth of drinking water to a family of four, based on average consumption of 2 litres of potable water per person per day.

Five facts about ONCE by Oxidane

  • ONCE is an environmentally friendly product that kills bacteria, viruses, and protozoa that are dangerous to people’s health whilst keeping essential bacteria alive, unlike chlorine and ammonia.
  • ONCE can be used to treat water drawn from any source, including contaminated rivers, wells, ponds, dams, and boreholes – even from rivers flowing through informal settlements and slums.
  • ONCE eliminates the need for bottled water and fights plastic pollution. Bottled water may be safe to drink but it comes at a price, namely plastic pollution. According to the United Environmental Programme, the world produces 300 million tonnes of single-use plastic per year, the collective weight of the entire human population. Of that, only 9% is recycled and about 12% is incinerated. The remaining 79% ends up in landfills and nature.
  • ONCE saves water: besides contributing to our plastic crisis, bottled water requires approximately 1.6 litres for every 1 litre of bottled water that is manufactured, says the South African National Bottled Water Association (SANBWA). That is a lot of water seeing that one million bottles of water are sold globally every minute! By eliminating the need for bottled water affordably, Oxidane helps fight plastic whilst saving our most precious resource!
  • ONCE is produced in 1.5-gram (0.053 oz.) sachets that can each treat 25 litres or 6.6 gallons of water. This equates 60 mg/litre (0.008 oz. /gallon) ratio. However, the product can also be packed in bulk, making it suitable for humanitarian emergencies and disaster areas. 
Oxidane, ONCE, water treatment, Cape Town