Irrefutable Proof

Background: Maureen Boddy (CEO) and Grant Davis (Technical Director), named their company Oxidane, which means water (H20).

They produced a water sanitization product they named ONCE, an acronym for Ozone and No Chlorine Environment.

After the incredible Laboratory test results, they decided to prove the efficacy of their product, by drawing water from the most polluted water in South Africa and ‘drinking it’.

Field Experiment.

The video will show the directors treating 20 litres if this smelly disgusting water, after only ten minutes treatment with ONCE.

In the Live Field Experiment video above, we see it witnessed and narrated by: Guillaume Muteba, BSC Molecular Biology & Biotechnologist.

Most people are unaware of the fact that more people die of waterborne diseases than anything else, including wars.

The bottled water industry is unregulated, and there is scientific proof that tap water is proven to be safer. ONCE can help alleviate the huge pollution problem caused and the water wastage, as it takes 3 litres of water to manufacture one plastic bottle!

ONCE has huge potential to save millions of lives, and help environmental pollution!

The commercial opportunities are beyond the scope of this introduction.

Sewerage from Kyamandi informal settlement flows untreated into the Plankenberg River. The photos were taken downstream less that a kilometer from the Kyamandi Industrial area, which is known to be the most polluted in South Africa.

One tiny sachet treated 20 litres of water, rendering it safe to drink, at an absolute fraction of the cost of bottled water.

It takes little imagination to understand that this product will be able to save millions of lives, that the commercial potential is enormous.

ONCE established, it will reduce the plastic bottle pollution, as people sanitize their own potable water to a degree that outclasses any available solution.

ONCE the world had safe water. Now the world has ONCE.

More proof:

The findings of the first thorough baseline study in more than a decade to quantify the extremely poor microbial state of the Eerste and Plankenbrug Rivers around Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa.

Oxidane Cape Town CSIR report on ONCE
Oxidane Cape Town CSIR report on ONCE